Themed Housewarming Party

A theme gives your party instant personality: Create an image for your housewarming party that reflects you. If you’re the holiday type, make it seasonal; If you’re big on hobbies, let it show. Another idea is to let the home setting come through in a theme to match, such as country, beach, or ultra urban. Best of all, let your theme take care of important party planning decisions.

Create a Housewarming Party Theme

Make it personal: Take a moment to consider what your new home means to you. How has the venue changed your life? If you’ve moved closer to a favourite recreational area, pick a ski, surf, or fishing theme. If you’ve moved to a multi-ethnic neighbourhood, have a world culture party.

Share your passion: If your friends and family know you as a nut for golf, animals or dancing; dress up your party to match.

Gather props for decor from your golf bag, child’s stuffed animal collection, or disco wardrobe.

Move Outside

You do not have to limit your party to the interior of tyour home! When we held a housewarming party we spent most of the time inthe garden as it was July, and even warm in our new home, the North of England! Prior to the party, we bought some lovely furniture from the Garden Village UK company.

Incorporate Your Theme

Create your theme first while planning, so you can use it to guide your choice of invitations, décor, and food. For instance, if it’s a country theme, use natural items like leaves, twigs, and flowers.
Weave your theme into the decor and entertainment. For instance, you can accentuate the country look of your party with straw bales for outdoor seating. Use bright red bandannas for napkins and lanterns as lighting. A campfire makes a great conversation pit.

Match your menu and party favours to your housewarming theme. Dress a country menu up or down with your choice of dishes and utensils. corn on the cob, baked potatoes, and chicken, would be one idea.

Don’t spend too much money on theme props: Your home should be the real star.

Do tie your theme to every aspect of your party, including the invitations, decor, menu and activities.
If you choose a cultural theme, such as a Latin fiesta,  or Hawaiian luau, take care not to offend any guests of that persuasion.