Sudatonic Body Wrap

Can the Sudatonic Body Wrap Melt Fat and Improve Health?

Using a combination of French creams rich in essential oils and infra-red heat, this spa therapy is reported to detoxify the body and promote fat loss.

With several spas offering discounted Sudatonic treatments during Spa Week, now is the perfect time to schedule your trial procedure. Reports and testimonials indicate that the procedure takes off inches, and there’s a scientific basis for this effect. Studies show that infra-red heat stimulates the blood circulation and offers cardiovascular benefits. In addition, this spa therapy reduces inflammation, which makes it effective for pain relief, and it improves immune system health by temporarily raising body temperature, inducing a fever-like condition. The popularity of infra-red saunas has as much to do with their health benefits as it does their cosmetic benefits. Similarly, the Sudatonic body wrap has developed a legion of fans because of health and beauty effects. Sudatonic is available at spas, wellness centers and integrationist medical offices.

How It Works
Although Sudatonic is a patented system, thermosudation spa therapies have been used in France for many years,and it is one of the different treatments available for arthritis.. The idea is that the creams form an extra layer over the skin. When heated with the infra-red wrap, the body sweats and the therapeutic essential oils are absorbed. The cream itself impedes the sweating process; consequently, adipocyte fat cells are broken down to assist the natural sweating process. Whatever technique is used, water and fat deposits found in cellulite and fatty tissues are broken down and removed. Fat molecules can’t evaporate the way water does; Instead, fat molecules are metabolised into fatty acids that are converted into energy. Moist heat improves circulation, leaving skin soft and supple.

According to the manufacturer’s information; using the patented Sudatonic system, the body perspires the same amount as someone running 6 miles. As the body sweats in an effort to cool itself, the heart works harder to increase circulation, providing conditioning benefits similar to those of sustained exercise. As a result the heart rate, cardiac output and metabolic rate increase, while the diastolic blood pressure drops. Additional health benefits induced by the infra-red heat include reduction of joint pain, stress reduction, and musculoskeletal pain relief. In France and other European countries, thermosudation is used to treat arthritis, bursitis, and other rheumatological conditions.

The Procedure
Clients are prepared by having a body mass index and a weight measurement. If clients are wearing any body lotions or creams, they must shower to remove them, as ingredients in many lotions can interfere with absorption of the creams and minimize the effects of treatment. The client is instructed to lie on a massage table and the technician applies specialised creams to the skin. A Far Infrared Energy (FIR) wrap is then placed over the skin and the client is able to lie back and relax. Infrared heat also stimulates the circulation and aids in detoxification. After the procedure, the client is weighed and has a body mass index assessment to compare with the baseline results.

In some spas, Sudatonic treatments are combined with other therapies such as massage or Ultratone therapies. Ultratone therapies used before a Sudatonic session are reported to improve lymphatic circulation and boost fat loss.

Individuals taking diuretics, heart medications, or other prescription drugs, should check with their doctor or pharmacist for possible changes in drug metabolism due to an interaction with infrared energy. Individuals with surgical implants usually do not have problems, because metal typically reflects infrared rays. However, they should check with their physicians. Individuals with conditions affected by heat such as multiple sclerosis, adrenal insufficiency, or systemic lupus erythematosus, may be unable to tolerate infrared heat. Individuals with recent injuries or infections should wait 48 hours, or until symptoms of inflammation begin to subside, before using infrared heat.

Sudatonic treatments should not be used in pregnancy. Haemophiliacs and anyone with a bleeding disorder, should avoid infrared usage since it can induce vasodilation, which can lead to increased bleeding.