Focus on the Grenadines

A favourite Caribbean charter destination is the Grenadine chain of islands stretching from Bequia to Petit St Vincent, part of the Windwards. These idyllic sandy cays sprinkled over electric blue seas under azurean skies deliver everything that charterers imagine from a tropical island get-away, islands that are a convenient short morning sail apart from each other but offer a variety of experiences from untouched beauty to manicured grandeur. Whatever your interest, a Grenadines charter with a Yacht Charter Specialists selected yacht will never disappoint. So click here to find BVI crewed yacht charters online now.

The gateways of St Lucia and Grenada have International airports and suitable ports to join the yacht, both of which are an easy day sail with the wind on the beam either south or north to the cruising area. Alternatively, local scheduled or charter small aircraft flights and private jet facilities are available at a number of islands, taking you directly to the heart of the Grenadines. Whichever travel option you take you can be sure of a spectacular arrival and an exotic ‘off the grid’ feeling to really help you wind down.

Highlights might include the harbour of Admiralty Bay on Bequia, the soft pink sand of Princess Margaret Beach between your toes, the produce market in the traditional village of Port Elizabeth, and vibrant fish on the reef below your anchorage. Or the majesty of Mustique, an early morning walk on Macaroni beach, lunch at the Cotton House slyly feeding meat balls to Guinness, Mick Jagger’s dog, and then watching the sunset from Firefly with a cocktail in hand. How about a round of golf on Canouan in the morning followed by a casual beach barbeque of fresh lobster below the hills at Clifton on Union Island? And then snorkelling to see turtles in Tobago Cays with the crew bringing lunch to a deserted Robinson Crusoe island, followed by a gourmet dinner ashore at Palm Island Resort.