Buy a Disney Time Share

Buy a Disney time share at a fair price, with all of the amenities that make for a wonderful trip to the Magic Kingdom.

Buying a Disney time share can provide vacationers with the opportunity to own a piece of real estate in the most popular travel destination in the world. When it comes to selling a timeshare, Disney definitely knows what they are doing. They have some of the nicest timeshare units in the world and they are full of accommodations that travellers want.

Here are a few things to consider about buying a Disney World timeshare.

Finding a Disney Time Share
There are several ways that an individual could potentially find Disney timeshares. The easiest way to get information about this type of timeshare is to go directly to Disney. The Disney Vacation Club is the division that is in charge of selling timeshares. Another way to gain access is to purchase Disney timeshare re-sales. There are a number of third-party sites that will resell Disney timeshares that have already been purchased by others.

How the Program Works
The basic idea behind this program is that a purchaser will receive a certain amount of vacation points. In most cases, the packages will start out at about 150 points. Every year, 150 points will be credited to the individual. The points can be used for vacations at many different Disney resorts and properties. These points can be used on an annual basis or they can be accumulated to get an even bigger and better vacation.

How to Save Money on a Disney Time Share
If saving money is important, an individual can work with a third-party seller of Disney timeshares. When an individual no longer wants their timeshare, they can sell it to someone else. Often these individuals are willing to sell the property at a deep discount, in order to get rid of it. Buyers should be careful with these transactions and make sure that they are working with a reputable seller, since it will not be directly processed through Disney.

Benefits of Disney Timeshares
Purchasing this type of real estate can provide several benefits to vacationers. These timeshares are very flexible and also provide owners with a number of discounts to Disney theme parks and products. In addition to this, if a vacationer cannot use the points, they can rent out the property to someone else. Disney rentals can generate some nice money for the owner of the property.

Buying a Disney Time Share
When it is time to make a purchase, an individual should look at several things. The location of the resort, the upfront costs, and the maintenance fees should all be a factor in the decision. If the amount of money that it takes to buy the timeshare seems affordable, an individual should buy the property. Most vacationers are very happy with Disney timeshares and there are very few negative experiences overall